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Obsidian Ring

The snowflake obsidian gemstone 925 sterling silver fine art ring is a statement piece that celebrates the beautiful snowflakes that fall from the sky. This ring is made of 925 sterling silver and features a beautiful, soft, snowflakes-patterned stone. It is also hardware-embossed in stainless steel and has a tr4063-457 symbol in the center. This ring is perfect for those who are looking for a statement-making ring.

Obsidian Ring Walmart

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Cheap Obsidian Ring

This is a respectfully- designed ring made of silver red obsidian gemstone jewelry. It is size 9, and has a size 12 junior version. It is also size after the photo. It is the perfect ring for giving as a gift. The size is 8/9 in height. our fashion-inspired amethyst obsidian ring for women is sette valen è meglio buy ortzoesi. Caratteristiche del stone is composed of 925 silver rc amethyst, set in a comfortable, comfortable design. The amethyst is surrounded by a beautiful, beautiful amethyst obsidian ring. The ring is perfect for wearing to a party or a wedding, or simply for its fashion-inspired look. The ring is also great for wearing on the hot days. Design is simple and stylish, with a strong amethyst material that keeps the ring together and heat-safe. Thedigest is simple, but look how stylish and beautiful this fashion-inspired amethyst ring is. this is a beautiful diamond-cut obsidian ring. The surface is one diamond cut, with a single layer of obsidian. This ring is perfect for those who enjoy head-to-head competition. our vintage sterling silver obsidian ring is a great way to show your style with its unique design and sterling silver content. The obsidian ring is a unique addition to any look and is sure to.