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Josten School Ring

This is a vintage 1973 jostens 10 karat gold hazelton high school ring at a size 7. It is 11. 6 grams in size 7. This ring is a great deal at $11. 6 per I jefferson. This ring is a great choice for a vint office or special occasion gift.

High School Ring Company

Hi! if you're looking for a high school ring company to order from, I'm sorry to say that there is none present at the moment. But I'm sure you'll find the right one here. if you're looking for a high school ring, then I'm sure you'll find the right one for you. From the high school years to the adult years, there's always room for a new ring company to come up with something amazing. So don't hesitate to contact me about any high school ring companies you're interested in. thank you for considering my high school ring company as your go-to source for high school rings. I hope to have more news about your high school ring company soon. High school ring company.

Class Rings

This is a high school ring. It is yellow gold with a green spinel design. The ring is 6. 25 inches in size. It has a sight picture of a high school student with a ring. the 1985 class ring is a high school ring that he learned about on a farm. It is made of gold and has a green and white design. The ring is old-fashioned and has aemythogeny. The inscription on the ring is "hi, we meet in 1984. " the josten school ring is a beautiful ring made of gold, andmarked the 14th anniversary of the school in purple stone. It is large enough to fit the personality of the individual who wears it, while the colors are purple and blue (according to the school's colors). this ring is a beautiful 10k gold ring from josten. It is made from quality materials and it feels great to wear. The ring is a great accessory for any jubilee or school season.