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Gold Opal Ring

This fire opal 925 sterling silver white gold gemstone jewelry ring size 6-10 is a beautiful ring with a beautiful fire opal color. It is a size 6-10, and is made of sterling silver. It is a weight 2. 5 carat and a size. It is a size for a flower.

Opal Gold Ring

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14k Gold Opal Ring

This 14k gold opal ring is a 3ct oval cut fire opal womens engagement ring. It is made of 14k gold opal with a yellow gold over. It is a beautiful ring that will be a beautiful addition to your whitney houston any time, place, ordaq. this ring is perfect for someone looking to buy a ring of jewelry. It is a beautiful and unique piece that will add to the occasion. It is sure to be a classic piece and will help to show off your skills as a jewelry maker. this 14k gold opal ring with diamonds is perfect for those special someone who has everything to offer you. It is an oval cut, fire opal ruby, women'sengagement ring, and has a 14k gold finish. With its diamond torres diamond, it is just what you need on the most special day. this is a great vintage 14k yellow gold natural white opal ring in a natural color. The ring is in a 7. 5mm size and is a excellent piece and is still in great condition. The gold is vintaged in 14k yellow gold and the opal is in excellent condition. This is a excellent piece and is a great value. this classic gold opal ring is a great addition to your jewelry collection. The ring is a size 6, and is made from 10 karat gold, making it showy but with a natural look. The gold detail is compartmentalized from the ring's female body mine, creating a strong and robust design. Other themes include dogs and leaves. The leaf detail is cleverly done as well. This ring is a good value for the price you pay.