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Filigree Ring

Introducing the filigree ring, a beautiful diamond engagement band ring with a beautiful floret-like design. This ring is perfect for those who are looking for a sophisticated and stylish ring. The floret design is a beautiful feature of this ring and it will make your looks stand out. The 14k yellow gold police band is also a beautiful feature of this ring. It is made of 2ct sapphire and is set with a pave low setting. This ring is perfect for any occasion.

Vintage Filigree Ring

If you're looking for a unique and ferragamo-inspired ring, you may want to check out vintage filigree ring by french designer stéphane riolan. This ring is made with a precious metal layer over a carbon fiber layer, and it features a beautiful filigree design. The ring is available in both large and small sizes, and can be the perfect addition to your designs from the reminds you of your luxury lifestyle.

Vintage Filigree Rings

This beautiful ring is made with filigree that looks like a geometric late art deco design. The diamonds are white gold over 2ct diamond and the design is seen in the diamond's clarity. This ring is a beautiful way to show your romantic status and is a good choice for a special occasion. the silver filigree rings are a beautiful addition to your home office or receiving room. They are opened on the manufacturing side with a single-caratoid diamond that is cream fill. The diamond is in a 14-karat gold fill. These rings are also excellent for wearing. The filigree is open on the manufacturing side, and the diamond is seen in the white gold fill. The ring has a weight of 14. 5 troy ounces. The color of the ring is a rich cream with a little bit of personalization for your own wear. this glorious filigree ring is made of 14k white gold and is located on aaughed beauty as it features some of the most beautiful, intricate and fancy looking design elements you will ever see. The entire ring is finished with a beautiful ruby diamond which add a last layer of excellence to this grand occasion. This ring is sessionally important stuff! this art decofiligree ring is a beautiful gray-colored yellow gold open work faceted ring. It has a sterling silver ring side carelessly removed the center stone and is replaced by a 10k yellow gold open work faceted ring. The center stone is still present and is set in a large sterling silver disk center. The back of the ring is decorated with a faceted filigree dome which is decorated with rich brown and green carvings. The face of the ring is also decorated with carvings. The weight of the ring is 10k yellow gold. This ring is a good quality, but has been used often and is a bit loose in the center.