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12 Inch Ring Gear

Looking for a ring and pinion set for your dana 60? look no further than the 12 inch ring gear from motive gear. This set comes with a 4. 88 ratio differential ring and a pinion arm. This set can help you get a more even drive on the drive belt.

12 Inch Ring Gear Walmart

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Cheap 12 Inch Ring Gear

This motive gear 3. 73 ratio differential ring and pinion for aam 11. 5 14 bolt. Is for use with a standard all-metal or aluminum frame and fork. It is made of durable materials that will last and is a great choice for general use. the 12 inch ring gear is a great choice for a new vehicle or for use on a high-clearance vehicle. It is easy to use and requires very little maintenance. the 12-inch ring gear is a great choice for vehicles with large driveshafts. It can handle heavy gear shifts well, and is easy to find shop support when the gear is in use. The gear is also versatile for use in fifties or 570s, and can be left in the vehicle until needed. 875 inch 12 bolt cars. It has a standard-sized ring and a standard-sized pinion. The gear is made ofrichmond gear and it is available in black.